Trip around the World 2ย 

The idea of circumnavigating Earth.

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I'm wide awake.

Travelling can be exhausting. But two months of resting in the Philippines allowed me to recharge my batteries. I'm rested. Ready to travel again.

I had doubts about this idea for a while: The idea of a literal trip around the world. The idea of literally circumnavigating Earth. Start in the middle of Europe. Head east. To Greece, then Singapore, then Oceania. Travel through Southeast Asia, then East Asia.

Head further east. Over the Pacific Ocean. Cross the International Date Line. Reset time. Travel to the USA, as a stopover for the ultimate destination: South America.

Head further east. Over the Atlantic Ocean. Head as far east as I can go, only to realize, I'm back where I started. Only, I returned from the west.

I had doubts about that idea? What the hell.

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