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Travel blogging about the past and present.

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My mornings are all about Australia.

When I made my way there this March, I wasn't ready to be down under yet. It took me some time to adjust and mentally arrive in this place. I visited the Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, Manly and my secret gateway from it all, Woolwich.

25 minutes later, and I stop thinking about Australia.

My evening are all about the Philippines.

I was culture-shocked within hours after arriving here. Why? Because everyone speaks English! After five weeks of Vietnam, where language is an immense barrier for foreigners, it was a nice surprise. On a Philippine island called Siargao, I first tried surfing. Today, I'm still learning. I'm still here.

25 minutes later, and I stop thinking about the Philippines.

The Blogging Sandwich

If I had to pick one reason why travel blogging can be energy-draining, it would be this: I'm always lagging behind. Since blogging requires a lot of commitment and craftsmanship, I have to concern myself with the past, long after it was once the present.

Today, while living amongst Filipinos and Filipinas in the place where supposedly surfing was invented in the Philippines, I have to think about Australia. Every morning, I write about my travel reality from three months before. Instead, I would like to spend more time writing about the travel reality of today.

But, what are evenings for? Couldn't I use the evenings to write about the country and culture I'm currently exposed to?

A sandwich-like approach was born. Mornings are for the past. Evenings are for the present.

The blogging sandwich tastes like an awesome compromise. โœŒ๏ธ

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