Arriving in a New Placeย 

Getting used to a new environment.

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We swim in the mornings.

But only at high tide. At low tide, the sea is drained and you can walk for hundreds of meters out onto the ocean floor.

The very first thing I do after I wake up is write.

I write for 25 minutes and see how far it gets me. It could come down to a solid foundation of a story. Sometimes, it only comes down to some loose ends. It doesn't really matter though. All that matters is that I write.

We make breakfast at home.

We cook rice and add fruits and nuts. Sometimes we have overnight oats sitting in the fridge. The cat from the premises is our constant companion. She meows all the time, which is why we call her "Drama".

After we return from our swim we seek refuge in the cold of our aircon.

Midday is too hot to go outdoors. Sometimes the dog of the house, "Brownie" joins our siesta. I like to read my book before I fall asleep. Sometimes I watch YouTube. My afternoon nap is precious.

As afternoon turns into evening, we make plans for dinner. Usually, we go to this Indian place, which is only 2 minutes of driving away. Sometimes we cook.

But before we leave, I write. I write for 25 minutes, just as I do in my mornings. I know myself too well that if I don't do it now, I will be too tired.

Life's good.

A New Place

I'm tired. Roosters woke me at 5 AM again.

It's so hot. It must be thirty degrees outside.

I'm so unfocused. I can't write.

Should we make breakfast at home? Should we go somewhere for breakfast? I don't know. All I know is that I'm tired.

What's wrong with me?

Life's a mess.

Arriving in a New Place

One day, I wake up and everything's changed.

Roosters wake me at 5 AM, but I'm not tired anymore.

It's thirty degrees outside, but I don't feel hot anymore.

I feel focused. And I can write!

Sometimes we make breakfast at home. Sometimes we go somewhere for breakfast. It doesn't really matter.

Suddenly, I realize:

I just arrived in a new place.

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