I want to design my website as accessible as possible. I aim to conform to W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA.

If you find an accessibility issue on my website, reach out and report it to me. I'm committed to providing a great user experience to all my visitors.

Report issue


I keep a backlog of accessibility improvements I plan to build for my website. Some of these are added by me, others by users who report issues on their own.

FeatureDescriptionDate added
Linkable HeadingsAllow direct linking to anchored headings in blog posts
Table of contentsA table of contents for blog posts or a nice TLDR;
Mark external linksShow an indicator if links direct you to an external website
Sortable backlogMake this table sortable


FeatureDescriptionDate added
Focus StylingImproved keyboard focus styling
A menuA navigational menu, as soon as I have actual content
Skip to content linkEasily skip to content as soon as the header has a menu
Mark current pageShow a current page indicator for navigation areas
Back to top linkOffer a link to jump to the top, once you reach the end of a page
Hide emojis for screen readersHide emojis for people who can't perceive them visually
Dark ModeTheme that improves reading in low light/for people who like it dark