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#25 ยท ยท read

I can't sleep.

Probably the jet lag. After all, it's a 3-hour time difference compared to Sydney, my previous stop.

But it could also be the culture shock. I'm in Asia again. Some time has passed after visiting Singapore in February. My Asia game has grown weak.

There are scooters everywhere. I'm understating this. There are thousands of scooters everywhere. And they don't seem to adhere to any specific rules when it comes to traffic. They are cutting into our taxi's lane, they are driving towards us in our taxi's lane, they are driving diagonally across the intersection.

They are suicidal! But traffic still works somehow. Ho Chi Minh City is crazy. Vietnam is crazy!

So yeah, probably a combination of the two. I'm jet-lagged, I'm culture shocked, what else? Oh yeah, I'm nervous. Tomorrow, I'll rent a scooter myself. Tomorrow, I'll join the Vietnamese.

Yes! In this crazy country. With all the suicidal riders! And you know what else? It's my first time on a scooter ever.

So it's probably that. Also, I'm still processing New Zealand. It's been 2 weeks that I've left this beautiful country. And yet, I'm still in the middle of documenting everything that's happened there.

A few days ago, I've left Ho Chi Minh City for Phu Quoc, the so-called "Hawaii of Southeast Asia".

I finally have time to blog again. My travel blog "Niqs Reisen" (in German) finally gets some attention again!

So yeah.

I can't sleep.

Trip around the world

In February, my girlfriend and I started a trip around the world. We set off from Austria towards New Zealand.

On our way there, we passed by Athens, Singapore and Melbourne. We spent 5 amazing weeks on a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand. Then we spent a week in Sydney and now we will be in Vietnam for 5 weeks.

From there, we'll head onwards to Hong Kong.

And after that? I'm not sure. But definitely more Asia. Gotta work on that Asia game, right?

We will travel until the end of 2024. If you want to know where in this world I am, you can.

Just visit my where page. I always update it with my current location. And if you are in the area, hit that "Let's meet up" button.

Life is good.

"Me riding a scooter on a street in Phu Quoc. I'm wearing a black helmet and you can see me from the backseat's perspective. The sky is blue with shattered clouds and the vegetation is filled with palm trees on the side of the street."

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