The Book of Books

Make reading a priority.

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For years, I've been telling myself that I want to read more. For years, I didn't listen. What did I do instead?

I read in a way. But I did that kind of reading, where I read in bed, just before going to sleep. In general, there's nothing wrong with that. In my case though, this meant that I would read a maximum of 2 pages until my eyes would get too heavy, and I dozed off.

With that kind of speed, you're not really making progress with your reading. Trust me on that.

Making reading a priority

It all changed this year. What changed? I introduced the now page into my life.

Ever since I did it, it helped me to focus more. Publicly declaring priorities seems to have an immense influence on my motivation.

No matter if it's finishing a show on Netflix, learning a language or writing my side blog.

It also helps me to read more. My reminder to make reading a priority.

The Book of Books

Just like many other personal websites, I've now introduced a Book of Books page. It's showing all the books I've read.

I'm not ready to write book reviews, but I can imagine adding my favorite quotes for each book, just like I do on my now page for the book I'm reading right now.

So have a look in my book of books (sweet rhyming, I know).

It's yet another reminder to make reading a priority. ๐Ÿ™

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