New year, new Blog

New new new.

#18 ยท ยท read

In the upcoming weeks, I'll take a year off and travel around the world. Naturally, I will blog about this epic adventure.

But not on niqwithq.com. And here's why.

Writing in German

When I decided to document my trip in blog form, I thought of a selected group of people that would be happy to become my readers. I call this group friends & family, with a focus on my family (hi mom).

That's when I wanted to try something new and write in my first language, which is German.

German doesn't go well with my personal blog, which is entirely in English. This is my first argument for an entirely new blog.

Travel blog

The theme of my new blog is clear: travel, travel, travel. In theory, this theme mixes well with the theme of this blog: personal, personal, personal.

Travelling is of course personal and I would write about it here, but I don't want my personal blog to become a travel blog. This is my second argument for an entirely new blog.

Trying out 11ty

I built this blog with NextJS, just because it was the framework everyone at work seemed to talk about a year ago. But, once I delved deeper and deeper into the blogosphere, I discovered the go-to static site generator that I've always wanted to try: Eleventy.

What I like especially is the Eleventy Base Blog Repo. It's a blog template that provides convenience features out of the box I would otherwise need to spend time on building:

  • Tags for blog posts
  • Previous / next navigation on blog post level
  • An RSS feed

This is the third argument for the entirely new blog.

An entirely new blog

Thanks to these three arguments I built an entirely new blog.

If you consider yourself a friend or a family member, speak German, want to read an awesome travel blog and are curious to see what the Eleventy Base Blog template looks like, reply to this post via email and I will send you my secret URL for my new blog. It's so secret that not even Google knows about it.

I'll see you on the other side (of the world) / (web)site. I'm not sorry for this dad joke. โœŒ๏ธ

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