This is my now page, documenting what I'm focused on at this time of my life.

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Playing with my Action Camera

I've got myself an action camera (Insta360 Go 3).

Watch out, internet! It's possible that I'll be the next YouTube star.

Rewatching The White Lotus

I feel like the topics that The White Lotus is dealing with are more relevant than ever, when you are travelling around the world.

Watching YouTubers travel through China

Lately, I've been really enjoying YouTube channels dedicated to travel.

Even though I don't plan to go there on my trip around the world, I really enjoy Flora and Note travelling through China. I got really curious about Cantonese, Mandarin and the different cultures within China after visiting Hong Kong.

Watching the NBA Playoffs

In the 21-22 season I was really into watching the NBA. But at some point I just realized how much of my time it consumed.

When I arrived in the Philippines in mid-May, I got into my basketball mode again. Filippinos and Filippinas are all over basketball. And so am I, yet again!


I'm travelling, check my where page to see where I am right now!