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Trip around the world

Currently, I'm in 🇻🇳 Vietnam.

I write about my trip around the world at niqs.reisen (in German) 🌏

Let's meet up
You can also find this information on my /where page

Writing about my trip

While travel blogging is fulfilling, it's also hard work.

By now, I've fallen quite behind with documenting my adventures. While I'm about to leave Australia and embark on another adventure in Vietnam, I'm still blogging about our road trip on the south island of New Zealand.

Watching Avatar

I'm rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender for probably the sixth time.

Avatar is a wholesome adventure about a boy and his friends and their attempt to save the world. I was reminded already in the first episode how wrong I was about the live action version. It's not wholesome, it's no real adventure and it's rushed. Too bad!

Reading Period Power

I started reading "Period Power" by Maisie Hill.

I figured, I know way too little about menstruation. Also, already I'm fascinated by how the human body is designed:

Unlike sperm which are produced regularly from puberty onwards, if you're born with a female reproductive system, then you're born with all the eggs you'll ever have. That means that the egg which produced you existed when your grandmother was pregnant with your mum. That means part of you was once inside your granny.

Goddamn it, biology! Fascinating stuff.

Learning Spanish

I'm on educational leave for a year, learning Spanish:

Vivo en un piso, en Vienna. Tiene dos habataciónes. Lo siento no tiene la terraza.

If you want to have a conversation in Spanish, reach out. I'm still a noob though.

Listening to all Nas albums

I have always considered Nas a true lyricist. He's been a great influence on hip hop altogether and I believe that God's Son is his best album.

But I'm biased, since this one came out when I really got into hip hop in my youth.

In his song Book of Rhymes, he revisits a book where he used to write down lyrics. He starts rapping on them but realizes how "weak" they were. Makes me think of myself when I read some of my older posts.