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The /where page movement.

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In 2015, Derek Sivers started the /now page movement.

The idea is simple. While /about pages show you what a website is about, /now pages show you what people are focused on, right now.

I introduced my own now page a couple of months ago during a very exciting phase of my life. Because at that time, I started my one-year trip around the world.

When I did, I didn't just want to blog about it. I also wanted to remind my readers where in the world I was at any given moment.

And so, I created the /where page. Similarly to a now page, a where page isn't static information. It needs an update whenever you move to another place.

In my case, I will travel to a lot of countries in this year. With my where page, I can let visitors of my websites know where I am.

Say, if I wanted to meet friends around the world, who are also travelling, they will know where to find me.

The /where page movement

Just like Derek did, I want to start a movement.

I call it the /where page movement:

  1. Introduce a where page showing the city or country you are currently in.
  2. Update the location whenever you travel to another place.
  3. Share your where page link with others so that they can hit you up.

If you like the idea or decide to introduce your own /where page, reply to this post by email.

For your convenience, I included my /where page at the top of my /now page.

Enjoy travelling! ๐ŸŒ

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