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The value of providing feedback.

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I've noticed a new development in my life. Recently, I've started writing YouTube comments.

Not only that:

  • I told one of our hosts in New Zealand how much I enjoyed staying in their place in the highlands of Canterbury.
  • I told the product team of Buttondown how much I love using their newsletter tool.
  • I told the Austrian embassy in Manila how much it sucked that they wouldn't forward my absentee ballot and I couldn't cast my vote for the European elections.

Providing feedback is my new drug. You might underestimate its value, as I did, before I was a writer.

  • But how else would our Canterbury host feel appreciated? (Shout-out to the Forest Lodge!)
  • How else would the product team of Buttondown gather testimonials?
  • How else will the Austrian embassy in Manila know that they need to improve their services?

As a creator, getting feedback feels paramount.

That's why I write YouTube comments to engage with my favorite vloggers.

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