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About a month ago, I updated the apps on my phone. Signal, my favorite messaging app, announced that it now supports usernames.

"So, Signal has usernames now."

I thought, when actually not thinking at all. I chose a cool username and immediately forgot this ever happened.

Until I read the Internet Review's post about Signal usernames, and it became oh so obvious.

Signal has usernames now!

My phone number is a sacred piece of personal information that is supposed to stay a secret. With the power of usernames, I can have people contact me and don't give up this precious secret.

How cool is that? My username is niqwithq.15 (I know, it's very cool), and for the convenience of my visitors, I also added it to my connect section and the footer of my website.

Thank you, Signal, for this awesome privacy feature! And thank you, Jared, for reminding me why this is awesome. ๐Ÿซฐ

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